Acupuncture involves more than just evaluation of obvious aches, pains, or symptoms of a patient.  Acupuncturists use natural methods evaluate all of the five senses. From the manner in which the patient speaks to what he or she talks about will alert the acupuncturists to the patients state of mind. Chinese pulses and takes into account factors that may not necessarily be factors that Western doctors value as being important.  Many times, our physical pain comes as a result of an emotional imbalance rather than an actual injury or illness.  Acupuncture is now a widely accepted form of treatment especially for back and neck pains that could be a result from old injuries and even stress. Part of the natural healing method address issues Western medicine would typically treat with prescription drugs, Acupuncture can treat with no side effects.

If you are a patient with using prescription drugs to treat your mild to chronic pain and have to many negative side effects, please consider a more natural healing method that will address your pain and well being.

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