Dr. Jonathon Mainieri Chiropractor in Lone Tree has been treating and educating over 8,000 patients on the facts of whiplash and auto accidents.

If you or a family member has been involved in a  auto accident and are suffering from whiplash, headaches, or neck pain please call our Lone Tree Chiropractic office to schedule an appointment.  Many patients in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Centennial, Littleton, Englewood, and Aurora area's seek Dr. Mainieri's 15 years of experience treating patients that have been involved in car accidents and suffer from whiplash.  Dr. Mainieri knows that even minor fender benders can cause whiplash and thus causing headaches, neck pain, soft tissue injuries, back pain, and many more symptoms.  Sometimes symptoms do not arise for up to 6-8 weeks after a car accident.  It is important to be evaluated by an experienced Chiropractor that understands the severity of your condition and will treat you appropriately.  Dr. Mainieri Chiropractor in Lone Tree works with a variety of doctors and specialists.  Some times patients need to be referred out for additional testing or evaluations.  At Ridge Line Chiropractic we work with only the highest rated and most non- invasive neurologist and orthopedic doctors in the Denver area.