As part of a natural health care regiment, Massage Therapy can play an important role in treatment of chronic pain, back pain, neck pain and other pain issues. Our state licensed massage therapist offer many different types of massage that are focus to elevate your symptoms.

Deep tissue massage - By manipulating the superficial and deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue the healing process are accelerated by increasing blood flow. Our therapist use various techniques that result in greater join function, possible decrease in muscle reflex activity, and promote general well-being. As a patient of our office we always suggest drinking plenty of filtered water before and after your massage. In some cases, small amounts of toxins that have built up in your body over time get released from your muscle tissue. Latic acid commonly builds up in muscle tissues. Extra fluid will help your body flush and remove theses toxin in a natural way.

When properly coded on your bill, health insurance may cover theses treatments. Often patients can use Health Saving Accounts or HSA and Flex spending accounts to pay for treatment when health insurance does not offer coverage. Your human recourse office or health care insurance broker may be able to answer your question about what massage are covered and how frequent.

Sports Massage Therapy- Athletes of every level occasionally need and enjoy a sport massage. Let our massage therapist know what sports you play and what aches and pains you are having so we can focus on those joints. Muscles, and target muscle-tendon junctions.. Many athletes are adding sport massage to their training regiment to aid in healing and recovery time. Many professional athletes use sport massage therapy to reduce the chances of tarring or pulling a muscle as part of pre event training. High school and Collage sport athletes are running faster, jumping higher, tackle harder and injuring themselves more often and can overwhelm the schools training staff. Benefits include, avoiding injury by promoting flexibility, improves endurance, reduces fatigue because of lactic acid buildup, and prepares your body for top performance. Consider how a sport massage could get you back on top of your game! Again, it is sometimes possible to submit this type of massage to your health insurance company for coverage.

Spa style massage- A more gentle style of massage is ideal for patients that just need to relax muscles and joints. People with an active life style, walkers, and runners need help to eliminate acids that can build up in muscle tissues; our spa style massage will do just that. Other patients with a stressful job or work environment enjoy a spa massage to reduce stress and promote well-being. Ask our office manager when two massage appointments are available at the same time you to can bring a friend or loved one.

Using your Health Saving Account to fund your massage treatments - Certain health care plans allow for massage treatments if the provider is in a treatment office or clinical setting and not in a “day spa”. The massage therapist must be licensed with the state of Colorado with a Physician or Chiropractor that is over seeing the treatment as part of the scope of the owner’s medical license. Pre approval from your insurance company is always the best way to learn if your massage treatments will be covered, applied to your yearly deductible, and what paper work is necessary. Other HSA plans allow the patent to spend money as they see fit. A good general rule or guide line would be if your HSA does not require an EOB Explanation Of Benefits you will be able to use your card at our office with no issues.

If you have a high deductible health care plan, a claim must be filled out and submitted before and EOB will be generated. The same is true if patients want the cost of treatments to be applied to your yearly deductible. Payment is expected at time of service and because of the effort needed to complete your claim some internet offers will not be available.